Rancho Motor Company Aim Is Great With High Desert Fundraiser

Imagine being able to take a step back in time to the wild wild west. That’s what visitors did in late April in Lucerne Valley. The 6th Annual High Desert Shooting Fun Fair allowed participants to enjoy the atmosphere of tumbleweeds, cowboy hats, boots and gunslingers. Food, music and fun at the shooting range were all part of the festivities. The old west quick draw event took aim at a noteworthy charity along the way.

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Rancho Motor Company was a proud participant in the High Desert Shooting Fun Fair on April 29, 2017. The all day event served as a giant fundraiser within the community. It gave visitors the opportunity to experience different eras of weaponry in a western town theme setting. The event is becoming a staple throughout the Lucerne Valley area.


Lucerne Valley Lions Club hosted the the 6th annual fundraiser at their shooting range on Rabbit Springs Road.


The fundraiser would have made “Wild Bill” Hickok proud. Set in a traditional old west themed town, the High Desert Shooting Fun Fair allowed each guest the opportunity to visit booths and take aim at various gun ranges. Participants could try Cowboy Action Shooting or the guns used by Buffalo Bill or mountain men. The ambiance of the era filtered through for participants and spectators hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite outlaw.

The fundraiser wasn’t just limited to the Wild West era of guns. World War II and Civil War pistols were also available to use. Visitors were encouraged to understand the unique abilities of each weapon.

Those in attendance also had the opportunity to fire shotguns at aerial targets. This popular event tested a wide range of reflexes for even the most experienced shooter.


Additional guns like .22 rifles and pistols were also part of the charity benefit. There was a gun type for everyone in attendance from modern to vintage. All participants were required to wear eye and ear protection. Lucerne Valley Lions Club always strives for safety first with this annual charity event.

Since the event is family friendly, children are also allowed to shoot BB guns in a safe and monitored environment.


All of the guns and ammo were provided by the Lucerne Valley Lions Club. No personal ammo or firearms were allowed into the event. Ammo was purchased at a nominal cost.

The fundraiser also featured free parking and free admission. It also boasted live music, food and exciting raffles. Some of the events raffled off included new guns. Lucerne Valley Lions Club helps raise money for charity with this popular event.Event proceeds from the High Desert Shooting Fun Fair help support the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation and the Lucerne Valley Lions Club Foundation, Inc. charities.


Happy Trails Children’s Foundation is a non-profit charity linked with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. The foundation raises awareness and funds for severely abused and neglected children. Happy Trails Children’s Foundation is located in Apple Valley, California. The non-profit organization works with Trinity Youth Services and currently houses 44 beds for children ages 10 through 16 years of age.


carLucerne Valley Lions Club also offers NRA Classes, private training, women’s programs and free vision screenings. The Lions Club supports many local charities and gives back to organizations like Lucerne Valley High School and City of Hope.


Rancho Motor Company is an auto dealer in Hesperia, California. The organization loves to collaborate with various charities within the local community to give back. The company has been “serving the High Desert since 1971” and always strives to pursue charitable causes.

The Lucerne Valley Lions Club operates under the premise that whenever it gets together, problems get smaller. The Lions Club organization has 1.35 million members worldwide and the Lucerne Valley chapter represents them well.